Welcome to Zocco’s Modern Life!

Zocco’s Modern Life is a growing website that focuses on relevant sports topics from across the country. Rather than cover the news (that’s what ESPN and CNN are for), ZML brings you a new and different way of looking at things that the mainstream media has yet to touch on. In addition to sports the “ZML” tab at the top of every page has the opinion columns that started the Zocco’s Modern Life name.

Zocco’s Modern Life was originally an opinion column written for The Quad News by Joey Zocco. The Quad News is an independent, student-run newspaper at Quinnipiac University. The name of the opinion column was thought of by the 2013-14 Quad News staff. The name has since been transferred to the name of its own website run by Joey Zocco.

We are always looking for writers with new and interesting ideas about, well anything. If you would like to contribute to this website (even about things that aren’t sports), email us at zoccosmodernlife@outlook.com.

Be sure to follow us on the Twitter, @ZocModernLife.





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