Pete Rose Manages Bluefish in Front of Near Sell Out

Bridgeport, Conn. saw one of baseball’s greatest players come to manage their Bluefish of the Independent League for one game on Monday. Pete Rose was named manager for the day and coached first base for the first five innings in front of 4,573 people at the Ballpark at Harbor Yard.

Check out this report by WSFB 3 Connecticut on youtube.

Rose could take this position as one-day manager because the Bluefish are not affiliated with any major league team as he is still banned for life from baseball for betting on baseball games he was involved in. Rose said coming to Bridgeport had nothing to do with himself.

“I am not doing this to impress anyone to try to be reinstated,” said Rose. “I don’t know that this would make [commissioner] Bud Selig like me any better… I wouldn’t be sitting here if Bud didn’t want me to do this. I’m the one that screwed up. I’m not going around whining about being reinstated. I’m going around talking positive about baseball.”

The ballpark holds 4,600 seats and does not see this big of a crowd on an average night. Rose managing the Bluefish was great for everyone, especially the city of Bridgeport and the team. Let’s hope this support for the Bluefish was not only a one-day thing.

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