Grading Drake at the ESPYs

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Taken From:

The 2014 ESPYs took place last night in Los Angeles and this year’s host definitely had his own style when hosting the sports awards show. Rapper and songwriter Aubrey “Drake” Graham not only hosted the show, but added numerous pre-taped segments that I think helped his performance out a lot.

In case you missed anything from the 2014 ESPYs all of Drake’s clips will be included below. I grade each segment Drake did throughout the show, and Drake’s Overall Grade can be found at the bottom of this page.

Drake got progressively getting funnier as the show went on. I thought his opening monologue was decent considering Drake never once called himself anything close to a stand up comedian.

Drake’s Opening Monologue Grade: C+

The best part of the opening monologue, in my opinion, came at the end when Drake introduced the ESPYs to the “Lance Cam,” which is a twist on the “Kiss Cam” that has become a norm at sporting events around the country. Drake does not only get Lance Stephenson back for his “blowing in the ear” of LeBron James during the NBA Playoffs, he also dragged Stephenson in to help him show respect to someone else. (The Rock and Coach Calipari in the background make the video)

Drake’s Lance Cam Grade: A-

While I am not sure of the order of the rest of these segments (as I said earlier there seemed to be a lot more than usual which definitely worked for Drake), the next highlight of the night was something called “Drake and Blake” (or Blake and Drake) and including Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin. This will go down in ESPYs history without a doubt.

Drake’s Drake and Blake Skit Grade: A+

Drake found the time in between hosting to perform live, but he did not perform his songs. He performed two unique songs specific for the ESPYs called “Side Pieces” and “Honorable Mention.” This performance once again helped the show and was funny as Drake mentioned sports figures in these songs. I immediately thought of the only ESPY song better than these: “I Love Sports” by Justin Timberlake back when he hosted in 2008 (JT get an A++ for his ESPYs in case that wasn’t obvious).

Drake’s Side Pieces and Honorable Mention Grade: A-

The last two segments (one pre-taped and one done live with a guest appearance by Skylar Diggins) were nice finishing touches on a good show by Drake. I thought the Skylar Diggins “Can I Dig In” poem skit was much funnier than the Manny Pacquiao skit (the one line about the May weather was very well done).

Drake’s Can I Dig In Skit Grade: B

Drake’s Pacquiao Skit Grade: C



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