Enjoy Every Moment

*Written and originally posted on quadnews.net in September of 2013.

Welcome to Zocco’s Modern Life: a opinion column where I can go beyond reporting to tell a story from my point of view. Each week I’ll choose something different to write about. Sometimes it will be about sports, and sometimes it will be about more serious things.

What to talk about in this first Zocco’s Modern Life came to me when I decided to begin to writing, and I knew it was the right thing to talk about – time.

Time is most precious and most important, not how much money you have or what you got on your last big exam, even though our society today likes to focus on the latter two.

Enjoy every moment and don’t take anything, or anyone, for granted because things can change so quickly. About a month ago a very close member of my family passed away, and it changed everything.

My eyes were opened to just how fast things can change. I had seen this person just three days before he died, and I still can’t believe what has actually happened. My dad and brother saw him the morning of the day he died, which is so crazy to think about. This was surreal for my entire family.

Then as August ended and classes were starting back up, the unthinkable happened again. One of my really good friends, who I have known throughout my time at Quinnipiac, was diagnosed with metastasizing cancer. He held a “press conference” for all of his friends to break the news, and again those feelings of shock, disbelief and sadness came back.

This past month taught me a lot of things that I wanted to share. Enjoy every single moment no matter how busy or stressed you get. Time is something you can’t get back.

As a senior now at Quinnipiac, I find myself always thinking about where the heck my first three years at this school went. Looking back I can’t believe that in less than a year I will graduate from Quinnipiac and begin the next phase of my life. I would do anything to go back to freshman or sophomore year to enjoy those moments again, this time more than I did in the past.

So what does all this mean? Of course every senior would want to go back in time and never leave college if they had the chance.

But they don’t have the chance, no one does. So enjoy every moment of every hour, of every day, especially the ones you have here at Quinnipiac. These years are truly the best time of your life. The people you meet, the memories you make, those can never be redone.

So take a moment to enjoy the view from York Hill on a clear day and just live in the moment for once – because you never know what tomorrow will bring and how different things can be.

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