Find Your Path

*Written and originally posted on in February of 2014.

Guess who’s back? Back again? Yes, that is an intentional slim shady reference. That’s right: the first Zocco’s Modern Life of the spring semester is finally back on the new and improved Quad News website.

I wanted to talk about a moment I had this past Monday night around 10 p.m. when a light went off in my head and everything seemed to make sense. I realized without a doubt that I am entering the right profession when I graduate from Quinnipiac in three short months.

I anchored Sports Paws on Q30, which is a sports show with a similar format to ESPN’s “SportsCenter.” This was my second time anchoring the show and it was a completely different experience from the first.

A lot of it had to do with me knowing what to expect the second time behind the desk. Being more comfortable was huge for me as I was able to focus my attention before the show to preparing to make the show the best it could be.

The student I anchored with was on the same page I was when we met before the show: let’s have as much fun as we can with this and push the limits of what our executive producers would let us do. Shout out to Colin Babcock for killing it on the air with me this past week. I had a blast. I also want to thank executive producers Jordan Siegler and Arthur Bailin, as well as everyone involved with Q30, for trusting us on the air as we tried to make this week’s show unique.

Having fun was the key. I can honestly say that I had as much fun being in front of the camera as I do when I am playing sports or hanging out with my friends. This energy definitely showed in the broadcast, which you can check out here: (hey a little self-promotion never hurt anyone, right?)

After the show right when the camera’s turned off I got a rush of emotion that was then followed with people entering the studio cheering. It was such a good feeling knowing that both anchors accomplished our goals entering the show: do a good show, but more importantly just have fun with it.

It was at this point I looked around, soaked up what was actually going on, and realized that what I have been doing my past four years in college was all worth it. I knew at that exact moment I had made the right choice coming to Quinnipiac to pursue a career in sports journalism.

Wherever life takes me after college I will always think back to a couple of moments in my high school and college career where I realized I was on the right track. That moment in the studio right after Sports Paws is one that I will never forget.

I hope everyone spends their time in college and in life doing something they love. Try things and use these four years of your life to see what you thoroughly enjoy. The college years go by so fast and as my college career comes to an end I look back and have no regrets.

As the saying goes, you won’t work a day in your life if you are doing something you love. I got confirmation this past week and found what I love. I hope you do the same because the moment you realize what you love to do is one you’ll never forget.

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