America’s Fifth Professional Sport Continues to Entertain

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One of the greatest moments in Challenge history happened last night on MTV’s Battle of the Exes II. Despite MTV kind-of sort-of trying to bury this season behind Real World because two members of the cast died in between taping and airing, The Challenge has lived up to expectation set by prior seasons. A new, unexpected twist was finally revealed to the remaining cast on Tuesday’s night’s episode and it could not have made for better television. I can honestly say I have never been as excited/pumped/entertained about a reality television show.

This is the part where I give my disclaimer: If you have not seen last night’s episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II stop reading right now. Do not let me ruin the made-for-TV moments for you, blah, blah, blah. No seriously, if you missed last night’s episode I promised you’ll be entertained even if you have not watched an episode of any season of The Challenge up to this point. You can watch last night’s episode here.

Usually when a competitor or couple loses in the Dome (what the call the place the elimination takes place) they leave the game and are not seen again until the reunion. This season couples who had lost in the Dome were placed in a secret loser’s bracket with a chance to get back in the game… it’s probably easier if I just let Host T.J. Lavin explain this season’s twist so you get to see all of the remaining competitors’ reactions.


This promo for Tuesday night’s episode was just the beginning of a very entertaining and action-packed episode. I would expect a twist like this in a season of the Real World, but The Challenge really upped the ante. I would have paid good money for an exclusive camera on Wes’s face throughout this Battle of the Ex-iled Final. The episode did a very good job of giving the people what they wanted by showing Wes and Theresa time after time as a familiar face fought for his chance to get back into the game. The only way to sum up one of Wes’s many reactions during the most entertaining hour of television this week is to show you the first words said in the Battle of the Ex-iled Dome:

This is the part where I ruin what happened on the episode, and you definitely had your fair share of warnings: JOHNNY BANANAS AND NANY ARE BACK! It’s like the season was given new life as they beat Zach and Jonna and win the Battle of the Ex-iled. This was the same team that Wes and Theresa found a way to eliminate pretty early on in the season. Wes sums it all up so well as Bananas reappears when he says, “I just pinched myself and this isn’t a nightmare. I’m awake right now.”

This was exactly what Wes’s nightmare would have looked like. Bananas back in the house and everything Wes had done leading up to this point in the game no longer matters. All the setting up and game planning is out the window. Bananas is back, and back in control of the house just in time for the Finals. I don’t think The Challenge producers could have written a better script if they tried.

The episode started with Wes and Jordan fighting over something stupid, which was actually a power struggle fight over who was the most powerful/leader in the house. The next time we’re back in the house Bananas is back running everything. The dynamic did a complete 360 degree flip and it just sucks you in as a viewer. The shock that all of the competitors show and feel definitely translates to the viewer and is what sucked me in and had my eyes stuck on my television screen.

This episode reminded me why I love The Challenge so much: never ending drama, entertaining stuff going on the house, alliances constantly changing, and great characters competing for cash money. Hopefully I did not spoil too much to make you think you now don’t have to watch the episode.

In case you were wondering whose side I am on, I am 100 percent Team Bananas and Nany, which they have combined and now call #TeamBanany. Bananas takes the show to the next level, and is even more entertaining on Twitter @MTVBananas.


Oh yeah shout out to Bill Simmons, who recognizes The Challenge as our country’s fifth major sport and is also a big Bananas supporter. Bananas’ made an appearance on Simmons’ BS Report last summer talking The Challenge and giving some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes.

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