2015 NBA Draft: Porzingis & Hezonja

Photo courtesy of draftexpress.com

Photo courtesy of draftexpress.com

The 2015 NBA Draft is a little more than two weeks away and there are two prospects that the average fan may not know about. Kristaps Porzingis and Mario Hezonja both played professionally overseas and are projected to go in the top 10 of this year’s draft. 

Draft Express has put together videos on many of the prospects, and the two below focus on the strengths and weaknesses of Porzingis and Hezonja. After watching these videos it became clear to me these two players will definitely be drafted in the top 10. The question now is: who will take them?

Unfortunately, embedding of the videos was disabled on YouTube so here are the links to the two videos:

Kristaps Porzingas: Draft Express Scouting Video – Strengths & Weaknesses

Mario Hezonja: Draft Express Scouting Video – Strengths / Weaknesses

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