College basketball should follow the ladies lead

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If you’ve been watching any of the 24 hours of consecutive live college basketball on ESPN, you would have noticed a couple things: the UConn women’s basketball team looks as dominant as ever, and the women’s college game now plays by some different rules than the men’s game. Continue reading

Too Famous Jameis?


Jameis Winston has been in the news a lot throughout the past two years for many things that do not involve a football. From “mistakenly” forgetting to pay for crab legs, to yelling an obscene sexual phrase that can only hurt his image as he continues to deal with sexual assault allegations, Winston has only missed one game football game and three baseball games over two seasons and Florida State’s football team is still in contention for a second straight National Championship.

His most recent headline-grabbing controversy does involve a football among other things, and it could be the thing that sadly gets him in the most trouble. Continue reading