2014 NBA Mock Draft Zocc.0

Photo From: slcdunk.com

Photo From: slcdunk.com

With the 2014 NBA Draft set to take place on Thursday, June 26 which is just a little over a week away I realize I am late to the NBA Mock Draft party (ESPN’s Chad Ford just put up his Mock Draft 8.0). I waited until know to make some predictions of who will be drafted when because who really cared about the draft while the NBA Finals were going on (Go Spurs!).

With that being said here is my Mock Draft Zocc.0 (pronounced zock-point-oh), which is a little different than all the other mock drafts out there because mine includes trades. The current draft order (before any of my predicted trades) is the picture about the article in an attempt to not confuse you too much. So here goes nothing. Enjoy my mock and get ready for a crazy draft night on June 26!


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