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2016 March Madness ZML picks

As talked about on this year’s Zocco’s Modern Life March Madness podcast, here are Joey Zocco’s predictions for the 2016 NCAA Tournament. You can check out the podcast where Jordan Katz and Joey Zocco discuss the entire bracket, give their favorite first round matchups, and pick some upsets Continue reading

ZML Podcast: March Madness special

Joey Zocco calls Jordan Katz to go over this year’s bracket, whether the committe got it wrong or wrong, what first round matchups are really intriguing, and who they think will win it all Continue reading

Kentucky/Wisconsin: Living up to the Hype (and why Baseball Can’t)

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As the 2015 NCAA National Championship game is about to tip between Wisconsin and Duke, I can’t help but feel a little bad for Kentucky. I also can’t help but feel a little bad for baseball. Even their Opening Day has to fight for attention with the biggest day in college basketball.  Continue reading