NBA Draft: Reaction to Top 5 Picks

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So the 2015 NBA Draft Lottery is over just like that, and no drastic changes to the draft order took place this year. There was no Cleveland or Chicago jumping nearly ten spots up to the No. 1 pick. Continue reading

ZML Podcast: NBA Christmas-ish Special 12-18-14

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ZML NBA Christmas-ish

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Joey Zocco talks with Ricky Funaro about what’s going on in the Association as we approach Christmas. They discuss the current state of the Nets and Knicks, why Mike Malone got fired, and where they think Lance Stephenson and Rajon Rondo will end up. (Of course Rondo gets traded literally hours after recording this podcast. Thanks Rajon)

Questioning the Rumors

Here is a look at to what I was thinking about this weekend as big news and rumors broke concerning the 2014 NBA Offseason. Side note: one last mock draft will be coming Tuesday with the NBA Draft a couple days away!

1. Cavs hire David Blatt as head coach? 

While the Cavs could have done much worse I just do not understand the hire if they are seriously in “win now” mode. A first time NBA coach is going to need time to adjust and that usually means more early season losses than wins (a la Jason Kidd). The team Kidd had this past season in Brooklyn was much more talented than the team Blatt will have in Cleveland in 2014-15 (unless LeBron James decides to come back home).

That leads me to LeBron: for the Cavs to have a real chance in getting him to come back I would think he would want to have a coach of his choosing that could help him win championships. Immediately I think of Mark Jackson who was successful in Golden State and probably shouldn’t have been fired. I think Blatt will be a good head coach if given some time to adjust to the NBA, but from what the Cavs have been saying they do not want to waste any more time outside of the playoffs.

2. Detroit wants to keep Monroe? 

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