2015 NBA Playoff Predictions

Photo courtesy of cbssports.com

Photo courtesy of cbssports.com

The best time of the year is finally here for professional basketball fans: the NBA Playoffs.  This year brings some intriguing first round matchups, but not as many the NBA could have had if they took some of my advice.

This is going to be a great couple months of competitive basketball, and now that I all of the matchups are set its time for me to stop hiding and make some picks. Remember, these playoffs are as much about who’s playing who as any. A 7-game series format ensures the team playing the best come April, May and June usually win. Enjoy!

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ZML Podcast: NBA Trading Season 1-16-15

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Joey Zocco calls Ricky Funaro to talk about the Association as the trade deadline approaches. They touch on a potential Nets trade, the Grizzlies actual trade, the Hawks and Warriors great start, and much more. They also make some NFL Championship weekend game picks.

NBA Notebook: Malone, Lance and those Warriors

Photo courtesy of butthegameison.com

Photo courtesy of butthegameison.com

So I realize I haven’t actually written anything in nearly a month, and I wanted to apologize to all of you who have been looking for new Zocco’s Modern Life content. I got busy with a new job and also a little lazy. While neither of those things are an excuse there is a lot of NBA, NFL and MLB offseason stuff to talk about.

I will use this notebook format to quickly touch on various topics from the past month in the NBA. I plan on doing an MLB podcast in the very near future to discuss some of the offseason moves that have occurred, and as you hopefully figured out by now NBA podcasts are always on the horizon.

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