ZML Podcast: NBA Christmas-ish Special 12-18-14

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ZML NBA Christmas-ish

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Joey Zocco talks with Ricky Funaro about what’s going on in the Association as we approach Christmas. They discuss the current state of the Nets and Knicks, why Mike Malone got fired, and where they think Lance Stephenson and Rajon Rondo will end up. (Of course Rondo gets traded literally hours after recording this podcast. Thanks Rajon)

NBA Notebook: Malone, Lance and those Warriors

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So I realize I haven’t actually written anything in nearly a month, and I wanted to apologize to all of you who¬†have been looking for new Zocco’s Modern Life content. I got busy with a new job and also a little lazy. While neither of those things are an excuse there is a lot of NBA, NFL and MLB offseason stuff to talk about.

I will use this notebook format to quickly touch on various topics from the past month in the NBA. I plan on doing an MLB podcast in the very near future to discuss some of the offseason moves that have occurred, and as you hopefully figured out by now NBA podcasts are always on the horizon.

Now that I got all of that out, lets get to my NBA notebook: Continue reading