Some Teams Just Need to Get a Room

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With the NBA calendar turning over and free agency in the NBA still in its early stages, there are four teams that keep flirting in trade talks with each other. The free agency landscape could change drastically if either or both of these deals go down any time over the offseason.

Kyrie Irving was the first player to get a new deal when free agency started on July 1 and found a unique way to celebrate. Irving will sign a 5-year, $90 million extension that will start once his current rookie contract runs out after the 2014-15 season. Players cannot make these contracts official until the league moratorium is lifted on July 10.

The Wizards struck a deal to keep their free agent big man around for the next five seasons as well. Marcin Gortat has agreed to a 5-year, $60 million contract that is fully garenteed: no player or team options are part of the contract.

The Pistons were also busy as they have agreed to a 3-year, $20 million contract with shooting guard Jodie Meeks. Former Cleveland Cavalier has agreed to change teams and will sign a 4-year, $18 million deal with the Pacers.

Besides these early agreements, the players changing teams and free agent frenzy has yet to really begin. That being said two trades (one is a lot closer to happening than the other) can amp up the offseason madness and really shape what free agents end up where.

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