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2016 March Madness ZML picks

As talked about on this year’s Zocco’s Modern Life March Madness podcast, here are Joey Zocco’s predictions for the 2016 NCAA Tournament. You can check out the podcast where Jordan Katz and Joey Zocco discuss the entire bracket, give their favorite first round matchups, and pick some upsets Continue reading

ZML Podcast: 2015-16 NBA Season Preview

Joey Zocco calls Jordan Katz and Ricky Funaro to talk about the upcoming NBA season. They predict who they think will make the playoffs from each conference and give their NBA Finals picks. Continue reading

2015 NFL Predictions: division winners through Super Bowl champs

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With Week one of the 2015 NFL season in the books I couldn’t think of a better time to make my picks. Sure, everyone else makes them before the season starts, or halfway through the season, but where is the fun in blindly picking teams you have not seen play yet? Continue reading